Work of Accreditation Agency & reports

About the ECOO Accreditation Agency

The ECOO accreditation team started its practical work in the year 2008 following the establishment of the European Diploma in Optometry.  After piloting the Accreditation process and application of a competency framework with a number of University institutions the Accreditation system was established in 2015. This was built on with the development of the European Qualifications in Optics in 2017.

In 2020, the ECOO Accreditation  Agency was formally established as a separate but linked entity to ECOO, solidifying its structure and organisation.

The ECOO Accreditation Agency is led by two co-chairs: Dr Julie-Anne Little and Professor Brendan Barrett. They are supported by a strong team of Education visitors who have been carefully selected based on their academic track record and experience in the field. ECOO is also delighted to invite student representatives onto their visitor panel to ensure their perspective is taken into consideration.


For any questions on the work of the Accreditation Agency, please contact our Accreditation Officer Jennifer Rasteiro:

Accreditation Reports

The team of the ECOO Accreditation Agency is carrying out a number of accreditations and re-accreditations per year.

The accreditation reports of the concluded processes are available here as a reference:

  • Re-accreditation report for the University of South-Eastern Norway, Kongsberg, Norway (November 2021) Download the report
  • Re-accreditation report for the Hogeschool, Utrecht, the Netherlands (September 2022): Download the report
  • Accreditation report for the  ZVA Akademie, Knechtsteden and Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany (December 2022): Download the report