Regulation of the optometric profession in Poland

After over 25 years of work, the profession of optometrist is finally becoming a regulated medical profession in Poland and as a result is becoming fully part of the National Healthcare System.

In our latest Member Article, Konrad Abramczuk, General Secretary of Polskie Towarzystwo Optometrii i Optyki (the Polish Optometric Association) explains the new Law on Certain Medical Professions, which was published in September 2023 and took effect in March 2024.

The Act includes regulations and rules for the profession of optometry. The implementing regulations which will fully define professional activities have still to be published, and the Polish Optometric Association, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, are working on these further documents for the Act. However the Act is a critical first step which will enable optometrists in Poland to raise the quality of the services currently provided, protect their professional title, and plan for the further development of optometry to provide ever better services for patients.

You can access the full article here.