Our work

ECOO represents the interests of opticians and optometrists at European level. We also provide a platform for the exchange of information among our members and support members in their national advocacy efforts.

Our Blue Book provides stakeholders with unrivalled information about opticians and optometrist – including details on the number and size of the profession in each country, the status, and scope of practice of the profession, its role in public health, and the education and training provided.

We promote the importance of good vision and eye health to the public and policy makers across borders:

Influencing various EU-level legislative and non-legislative initiatives to ensure the interests of the professions are represented at European level.

Responding to public consultations launched by the European Commission ensuring the interests of ECOO members are reflected.

Acting in cooperation with other stakeholders in the vision field to promote vision related matters with a common voice in the sector.

We provide a range of resources, including:

Updates on our work can be found in News releases and our regular Newsletter.