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What are the benefits of accreditation?

  • All European Optometry/Optics programmes can be compared against an agreed international standard, the European Diploma in Optometry and the European Qualification in Optics.
  • It allows for accreditation against the knowledge base, competencies and portfolio of the European Diploma in Optometry or Qualifications in Optics.
  • Training Institutions will be encouraged to match their programmes to all or part of the competency-based European Diploma in Optometry or European Qualification in Optics – this will help to harmonise Optometry and Optics within Europe.
  • It may help training institutions, in the course of their national academic accreditation, if they can demonstrate that all or part of their programme meets the European standard.
  • National “competent authorities” will find it easier to evaluate the training of applicants from another EU country – this will help to facilitate free movement of professionals.
  • The accreditation also enhances networking amongst higher education institutions who can exchange on their practices through ECOO.
  • Being able to demonstrate the standard of the education in a country thanks to the European Diploma in Optometry can inform and, in some instances, has already informed legislation governing the scope of practice

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