Projects and EU affairs

ECOO promotes the importance of vision and good eye health to policy makers and the public and represents the interest of optometrists and opticians at the European level.

We monitor regulatory any legislative proposals. Where relevant we share information with members, provide input to emerging policy proposals and lobby regulators when change is needed.

Our work is focused around a number of priority issues, including:

Healthy ageing

Good vision is an important part of healthy ageing – allowing people to stay active and engaged with friends and family. We work in partnership with colleagues in the IAPB, the Global Coalition on Aging and the European Coalition on Vision to put the importance of good vision at the heart of policy making.

Driving and vision

Safe driving is only possible with good vision. We are working to achieve adequate and consistent visual standards for driving across Europe.

Medical Devices Regulation

Spectacle frames, ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses are all medical devices. We engage with regulators to ensure the needs of eye care providers and their patients are at the heart of regulations.


We support members to consider what they can do as associations and as professionals in general, in their practice and daily live to help address this global challenge.

Please see our resources section to find all of our position and policy papers.

Our Newsletter provides regular updates on all of our work.