A manifesto for eye health and vision

With European Parliament elections taking place in June this year, and national elections having recently taken place or due later this year in a number of European countries, now is the time to remind politicians and policy makers about the importance of vision and eye health for all European citizens. Good vision and eye health contribute the social and economic well-being of individuals. And there are also important national and social economic benefits.

ECOO therefore calls on politicians across Europe to commit to promoting:

  • Enhanced awareness of the importance of vision and eye health, including the need for access to primary eye care.
  • The integration of primary eye care provision by optometrists and opticians within primary and secondary care systems.
  • The inclusion of all primary and secondary health care providers when developing e-health mechanisms.
  • Eye health to be taken into account in all relevant policy areas.
  • Harmonised educational and professional standards for optometrists and opticians across Europe.
  • Environmental sustainability across all sectors and industries.

We have published a Manifesto for eye health and vision, setting out these commitments in a little more detail. You can read and download the full manifesto here.